A Green Eco-Friendly Remodeling Company

Remodeling your home with green, eco-friendly materials and environmentally safe appliances may be one of the wisest decisions you can make. Green remodeling will increase energy efficiency, create a safe, healthier home environment, and require less maintenance and repairs over time. Overland Remodeling’s owner Shahar Giladi is passionate about green remodeling and eco-friendly designs as a part of his personal home building philosophy.

The Value in Green Remodeling

When building green, we:

Give You a  Lower-Maintenance Kitchen: Green, eco-friendly materials and environmentally safe and highly efficient appliances are often more durable than their synthetic counterparts. You’ll experience few frustrations, and spend less time scheduling and waiting for repairs and replacements.

Improve Energy Efficiency: We can improve your home’s energy efficiency, and thereby save you money, with the installation of high-efficiency appliances and double-paned windows.

Ensure Cost Efficiency: Green remodeling doesn’t necessarily mean more expensive materials. Most green appliances and eco-friendly building materials are cost-competitive with traditional ones. In fact, some actually cost less than non-green alternatives, especially when you factor in the amount they can save you over time.

Remodeling a Green Kitchen

Working with Overland Remodeling & Builders means getting a kitchen that is as energy-efficient as it is beautiful. Shahar Giladi gives a great deal of time and attention toward ensuring an aesthetically valuable outcome — but because of his passion for the economical, sustainable and safe benefits of green building, he also helps you create a kitchen that’s environmentally friendly. When you have a kitchen with eco-friendly appliances and green materials, you have a kitchen that will save you money on utility bills and repairs, as well as one that will last well into the future.

Creating a Green Bathroom

Remodeling a bathroom is an important investment — and at Overland, we make the most of that investment through a green focus that ensures your bathroom is as durable and economical as it is beautiful. We use green materials whenever possible because we know green materials — in the bathroom as in any other room of your home — will last longer and reduce expenses for you over time. From countertops to energy-efficient toilets, we use the green features that will make your bathroom increase in value even as it adds luxury to your home.

Turning Your Patio, Porch or Sunroom Green

Whether you’re remodeling a patio, a porch or an indoor sunroom, Overland helps you do it as sustainably as possible. Through energy-efficient design and materials, Shahar Giladi can give you the kind of space that will be just as efficient in 20 years as it is now. Materials may include low-e windows with low-solar height gain and multiple panes, natural ventilation, passive solar heating and more. He can also help you weigh the costs of a project against what you can save by choosing eco-friendly features. When you work with Overland, you can trust you’re getting personalized, one-on-one support to make your patio, porch or sunroom as efficient as possible.

Green Renovations in Greater Los Angeles

Overland works with clients throughout the Los Angeles area, from Westwood and West Hollywood to Bel Air and Marina Del Rey, providing green remodeling projects that up home values and improve the enjoyment residents get where they live. Projects we’ve managed have been featured on Southern California Homes, one of the leading sites for California Real Estate, and we’d love to give you the same service. Wherever you call home in Southern California, a green renovation is possible. Contact us to learn more about how Shahar Giladi can help you create the sustainable, affordable, attention-grabbing space you’ve always wanted!

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