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Looking for a kitchen floor remodel near you that transforms your culinary space into a centerpiece of your home? Overland Remodeling & Builders is here to captivate and turn your imagination into a reality. 

With our team led by Shahar Giladi, we specialize in crafting bespoke kitchen spaces that blend functionality with timeless beauty. Imagine cooking and entertaining in a kitchen tailored to your needs and aesthetic preferences.

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Our process is designed to spark your interest and keep you engaged, from selecting the perfect layout to choosing the finest materials. As we move towards making your dream kitchen a reality, feel the excitement build. 

Take the first step in this thrilling journey and contact Overland Remodeling & Builders for a kitchen cabinet remodel that exceeds your expectations. 

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Transform Your Kitchen with Overland Remodeling & Builders in LA

At Overland Remodeling & Builders, we offer comprehensive kitchen remodeling services in Los Angeles, expertly guiding you from concept to completion. Our team, led by Shahar Giladi, ensures a well-informed and seamless process, handling every aspect, including architectural plans, framing, plumbing, electrical work, and installing drywall, cabinets, tiles, flooring, and doors. Our licensed professionals focus on meticulous detail, creating beautifully transformed kitchens that meet your highest standards.

Facing a kitchen with cracked tiles, faded cabinets, and old countertops? Overland Remodeling & Builders is your go-to solution for rejuvenating this essential space with hospitality and charm. For top-notch kitchen remodeling in Los Angeles and San Fernando Valley, contact us at (310) 684-2506 to bring your vision to life.

Learn more about our kitchen renovation services, view our latest kitchen projects, and understand our history as a company.

Passionate Kitchen Contractor in Green Remodeling

Overland Remodeling & Builders, led by Shahar Giladi, combines passionate expertise with a commitment to green, sustainable kitchen remodeling in Los Angeles. In their kitchen designs, Shahar and his team specialize in eco-friendly renovations and focus on energy efficiency, longevity, and easy maintenance. 

Shahar’s extensive background, from plumbing apprenticeships to various aspects of home remodeling, ensures meticulous attention to detail and aesthetically pleasing outcomes. With our company, homeowners can create their dream kitchens while reducing energy costs and embracing sustainability for the future.

Personalized Kitchen Remodeling Services

At Overland Remodeling & Builders, we specialize in kitchen remodeling with a personal touch. Unlike other companies, we don’t just have a one-time conversation and get to work.

Shahar Giladi, our owner, communicates with you throughout the project, ensuring the results are precisely what you envisioned. We take responsibility for each remodeling project and strive to make the process smooth and enjoyable for our clients.

Increase Value and Efficiency with a Beautiful Kitchen

A beautiful cooking space can increase the value of your home. We have extensive industry experience to help identify projects that yield the highest returns. From appliance replacements to the choice of countertops, our expertise ensures your kitchen remodel is a worthwhile investment. With our efficient and well-designed facelifts, your space becomes one of the greatest selling points in your home, impressing potential buyers.

Your Kitchen Remodeling Solution in LA

If your cooking area shows wear and tear, including cracked tiles, faded cabinets, or outdated countertops, turn to us for all kitchen remodeling needs. We specialize in creating inviting and functional spaces, providing the utmost hospitality for you and your loved ones.


Why Our Kitchen Renovation Differs From Other Kitchen Remodeling Companies

Unlike other kitchen remodeling companies, Overland Remodeling & Builders in Los Angeles stands out with a unique blend of creativity and precision. As the best kitchen remodeling contractor in Los Angeles, we prioritize understanding your kitchen needs and integrating innovative designs with functionality. Our team, renowned among Los Angeles kitchen remodeling contractors, focuses on delivering a personalized experience, setting us apart in the remodeling industry.

Get Beautiful and Functional Kitchens

We believe your space should be aesthetically pleasing and highly functional. Our kitchen remodelers in Los Angeles expertly balance beauty with practicality, ensuring every kitchen storage remodel or cabinet design enhances your daily life. From sleek fixtures to efficient interior layouts, we create inviting and useful spaces.

Countertops & Kitchen Remodels for Personalized Kitchen Design

Your kitchen’s countertops are more than just surfaces; they’re central to your kitchen’s identity. As top kitchen designers in Los Angeles, we offer a wide range of materials, from classic wood to modern composites, ensuring your countertops perfectly complement your cabinetry and overall kitchen design. Our personalized approach to kitchen remodels in Los Angeles ensures every detail reflects your style and needs.

Why Choose Us for Your Kitchen Remodel Project?

Choosing us for your kitchen remodel in Los Angeles means selecting a remodeler who values craftsmanship and customer satisfaction. As one of the leading remodeling companies in California, we’re committed to bringing your vision to life with meticulous attention to every element, from ovens to cabinetry. Trust us as your kitchen remodel contractor near you to transform your space into the heart of your home with unrivaled skill and dedication.

Custom Kitchen Cabinets Los Angeles

We specialize in custom kitchen cabinets in Los Angeles, designed to maximize space and enhance functionality.

Tailored to Your Space 

Each cabinet is tailored to fit your layout and dimensions, ensuring seamless integration and optimal storage.

Personalized Design & Enhanced Functionality

Our personalized design process allows you to select from various materials, finishes, and colors, creating cabinets that perfectly match your style and aesthetic preferences.

We focus on enhancing your kitchen’s functionality by considering your storage needs, workflow, and organizational habits, resulting in cabinets that make your space more efficient and convenient.

Superior Quality for Long-Term Investment

Expect superior quality and craftsmanship from our skilled artisans, using high-quality materials to ensure durability and longevity, even under daily use around appliances like your oven.

Investing in custom cabinets adds beauty and long-term value to your home. They’re a significant upgrade, often increasing marketability and appeal, potentially making your property stand out in the competitive Los Angeles market. 

Trust our professional builder at Overland Remodeling & Builders to handle every aspect, including permits, to deliver exceptional custom cabinetry for your kitchen remodel.

Contact Your Remodeling Contractors to Get Your Dream Kitchen

Trust Overland Remodeling & Builders to transform your cooking area into a space that suits your lifestyle. Our team is excited to discuss personalized solutions tailored to your liking. We’ll create a space that combines style, functionality, and lasting beauty.

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Before starting your kitchen remodeling project, consider the functionality and layout of your kitchen space. Consider how you use your kitchen and what changes would enhance its efficiency and aesthetic appeal.

The duration of a kitchen remodel varies based on the project’s complexity and design details, but typically, it can range from a few weeks to several months. We strive to complete your remodel efficiently while ensuring the highest quality standards.

Current trends in kitchen space design include open layouts, sustainable materials, smart technology integration, and a mix of classic and modern elements. We stay updated on trends to create a kitchen that’s both stylish and timeless.

Choosing us as your kitchen remodeling contractor ensures a blend of expert craftsmanship, sustainable practices, and personalized service. Our commitment to quality and attention to detail makes us the ideal partner for transforming your space into a dream space.


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