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Remodeling and Home DesignOverland Remodeling & Builders was founded by Los Angeles master contractor Shahar Giladi on a philosophy centered around eco-friendly building, personal attention, and quality. Period.

Every remodeling experience with Overland Remodeling & Builders is a personal experience. Shahar will work hand in hand with you to make design decisions tailored to your lifestyle and tastes. With his personal eco-friendly philosophy, Shahar can advise you on selecting materials that will last longer, require less maintenance, and help preserve our environment.

Learn more about Shahar Giladi and the experience of working with Overland Remodeling on your home remodel.

04 Jun
Beautiful Dark Wood Washroom with Travertine Floors

Overland Remodeling: Before and After

Bathroom Remodeling: Before & After...

12 May

Do it Yourself Remodeling…or Don’t!

A new article just published in Consumer Reports highlights the issue of do-it-yourself home remodeling projects and it is it really the best route to choose. I thought it appropriate to blog about this...

24 Apr

Super Spring Kitchen Remodel Promo

When choosing to remodel a home to increase its value, there are many variables including the market-value of your neighbors’ homes. However, one way to efficiently and cost effectively raise your home...