2015 Home Remodeling… Trends over Quality?

Are you thinking about a home remodeling project specifically as a mode to increase the value of your home? Before embarking on a remodeling project, many people research the trends in bathroom remodeling and kitchen remodeling before deciding what direction to choose for their home. Since bathrooms and kitchens are so integral in increasing or decreasing the value of a sales price, homeowners will look at the Jones’ down the street to see what the trend is in bathtubs or kitchen counters, for instance.

Remodeling Your Home: Trends vs. Cost Recovery

But before you follow the latest trend in home remodeling, consider what your goal is for your home. It is great to think about increasing the appraisal value of your home if you are planning on selling at soon, but if you are not planning on moving any time in the next five years, choose a remodel that fits your needs and personal taste rather than making the decision only based on property value or just to impress the neighbors; you are likely to be much more content with the project. At the same time, do not ignore trends across the country because a return on investment remodeling is always the bottom line for anyone looking to sell and make a profit even if it is at a later date. But don’t make that the only component in your decision for the design and cost of your home remodel.

How to Get a Return on Remodeling Costs

Simply choosing to follow a hot, ‘right now’ trend that has no staying-power, is probably not going to get you a good return unless you are planning on flipping or selling immediately. So talk to your remodeling consultant about what ‘trends’ have the best return and aren’t just fads. Granite counters were a trend a while back but now they are sort of a staple material when trying to increase appraisal on a house. Check off Granite counters as a trend with staying power. Another example would be solar panel installation. While that was a trend a few years ago, many more people seem to be doing this to save money and energy and on the plus side there is no other material that can compete right now. Again, ask your builder and design consultant. Pedestal tubs vs. Jacuzzi style tub, hard wood floors vs. Burberry carpets—you have to decide where you want to spend extra money vs. what your own personal taste is because it is you who has  to live there.

Remodeling Investments: Classic and Quality Delivers

Quality and functionality never go out of style—keep this in mind when choosing materials.  There are certain materials that have stood the test of time throughout many generations. If you are uncertain about what is the best choice for both price and design, choosing quality and durable materials that are classic with good functionality over trends, is rarely a mistake. Thus, if you are in doubt, materials that have never gone out of style are often the best way to go for cost recovery. It is unlikely that any prospective homeowner will ever turn up their nose at a real brick or stone wood burning fireplace. Additionally, upgrading from carpet to hardwood floors when remodeling your home, is also a timeless option. The chance of oak wood flooring becoming ‘outdated’ in our lifetime is not likely.

At Overland Remodeling & Builders, regardless of the trends, we always choose quality, period. Whether your choice is a trendy modern upgrade or a classic one, our remodeling projects are based on two principles every time: passion and quality materials.