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Should I do my home remodeling project myself or hire a contractor?

A new article just published in Consumer Reports highlights the issue of do-it-yourself home remodeling projects and it is it really the best route to choose. I thought it appropriate to blog about this topic now, in light of the fact that home remodeling and construction is on the rise as the economy slowly recovers. And also we can’t forget that it’s National Home Remodeling month. You may be thinking: But the economy is still fragile. Isn’t it wiser to do a DIY home remodeling project to save money?

The answer is:  Not always. And it may end up costing you more.

In their recent article, Consumer Reports quotes The National Association of Home Builders. The consensus: Some DIY jobs may be best left to professionals.


Remodeling can be complex and often times full of surprises, even for experts like our members.


But whatever you decide, take heed before you step out and charge that bulldozer toward your present outdated patio. Remember, once you start, you’re in deep. Here are some warnings, tips and quite frankly, reasons why you may choose instead to go with a professional.

  • Value vs. Cost:

Even if you buy top brand names off the shelf, the product may not be as high quality as a professional remodeler would use. Also—and here is a warning–check the warranty because sometimes it becomes invalid if you are found to be using the product improperly or in cases of improper installation.

  • Emergency Room vs. DIY Room Makeover

A lot of home owners jump head-first into remodeling projects…literally. Many folks buy the tools without ever having used them or expect that if a remodeler can get up on the roof to fix a shingle, it must be safe.  Next thing they know, they are ailing on the ground from a high fall. Look, if you cut off your finger with a saw that you have never used or fall off a roof because you don’t know what you are doing, ask yourself: Will the money in savings have been worth it? If you end up with expensive ER bills, well then the answer is: no.  So if you insist on doing it yourself, think it through carefully and consider your own safety before taking  the plunge.

  • How Precious is Your Time?

The other benefit of hiring a professional to remodel your home, kitchen or bathroom, is that you are paying them contractually to finish by a certain date. If your wife has been nagging you to clean out the garage for the last six months and you have been procrastinating and you know this to be true about yourself, maybe a DIY home remodeling project isn’t for you.  On the other hand if you don’t mind spending Christmas, New Year’s and July 4th with a half-finished home or bathroom, then Godspeed.

If you insist on starting a DIY remodeling project, my suggestion would be to consult with a professional to learn first -hand what you will be getting into. Ask them how long it will take, will you have to relocate, what materials will be used. In this way, you will be schooled on exactly how big the project is expected to be before you take the figuratve and/or literal leap.

Overland Remodeling & Builders is here to answer all of those questions so call today to get a professional opinion on your next home, bathroom or kitchen remodeling project.