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Kitchen Remodeling Trends of 2023

In 2023, homeowners are seeking lighter home updates that can give their kitchens a refreshed look. From new countertop materials to a revamp of kitchen islands, these designer-approved trends offer plenty of fresh ideas for transforming the heart of your home. Rather than ending a backsplash or a cooktop with sharp corners, designers are now […]

Best Bathroom Remodeling Tips in Los Angeles

Of all the rooms in your house, the bathroom is by far the most exciting when it comes to remodeling. There are so many aspects to a bathroom that allow for your imagination and creativity to just take over and dictate your will to your complete satisfaction. Along with that come some additional pitfalls that […]

Best Complete Interior Remodeling Ideas in Los Angeles

The term home remodeling can strike fear into a person but calm down, once you look into it and understand it, the intimidation factor quickly goes away. Home improvement projects can be repair, replace or rebuild. You make the choice. Comfort, maintenance and additional space arejust some of the reasons for home improvement. Today in […]

How to Get Your Home Airbnb Ready

When you make the decision to rent out your home to short-term guests, you want to make sure you’re prepared long before-hand. Before you put your home up for listing, you want to make sure your space is fully equipped to meet the needs of any guests you may have. Follow this checklist to go […]

13 Must-Haves for Your Guest Bathroom

Making your guests feel at home is essential. But “at home” shouldn’t mean thin toilet paper, old towels and 2-in-1 shampoo and conditioner. You want your guests to enjoy staying with you, so having a great guest bathroom is key.   Toilet paper – That thin, one-ply toilet paper that was on sale at Walgreen’s […]

What to Consider Before a Major Remodel

More often than not, clients that are planning to remodel their homes spend more time thinking of the big picture they’re trying to achieve, rather than focusing on smaller details, such as how well all of the changes will flow together. You really want to look at your home as a whole and consider what […]