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Shahar first began learning the art of home construction as an apprentice plumber at his brother Isaac’s company, Overland Plumbing. While gaining a great deal of hands-on in-the-field plumbing experience, he observed and learned the other crafts of home remodeling. From laying tile to installing cabinetry, Shahar began to hone his strengths in all areas of construction. Eventually, he began overseeing entire remodeling projects.

Founded in 2008.

Overland Remodeling & Builders was founded in 2008 by Los Angeles master contractor, Shahar Giladi. Shahar’s remodeling philosophy is: quality, eco-friendly construction and personal attention to every project. When you entrust your remodeling project to Overland Remodeling, Shahar will personally communicate with you for the duration of the project to ensure your desires are heard and your vision is executed.

Featured on Southern California Homes, one of the top sites for California Real Estate. Please find our interview here.

Quality, Period.

Shahar Giladi approaches each project with a personal sense of responsibility and an eco-friendly building philosophy. You can expect individual attention and support all along the journey of your remodeling project. Shahar’s goal is to make the process smooth and ultimately, joyful. By using long-lasting, low-maintenance, eco-friendly materials, you’ll lose less time to maintenance and repairs, live in a healthier home, and help keep our environment clean. Holding true to those fundamentals, Overland Remodeling and Builders provides you with luxurious yet eco-friendly solutions, personal service, and quality. Period.

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